Man of the People

A folk/rock protest song, featuring the voice of Leonard Cohen. The voice was generated as part of a project "Background Injection for Noise Separating Voice Conversion GANs", using noisy training data (containing background music) and the U-GAT-IT model.

Many thanks to the artists who made this recording possible:

Man of the People
Four-score and seven years ago a great falsehood was made
That freedom and democracy were to be allies of the state
And although the voice of liberty ransomed reason for her slave
Red and black run the foundations on which a nation was laid
On the stolen shores of Columbus a great lie was told
That fame and fortune would be the boon of all men brave and bold
But just as soon were their labours ruined by their own hands afraid and old
And so the laws that they had framed were betrayed and sold
But don't you look away now
I've got the cure you need
Surrender from consensus
And let me take the lead
Think only of the face you'd rather see: that's me
I'm a man of the people
And a man of my word
The angel of indecency
And devil of rapport
Soldier of misfortune
And the shepherd of a horde
All for command of a people
Who squander their word
But don't you turn away now
I've got the fix you crave
To them you're just a sinner
In me you'll be remade
Just deliver me your purest breed of hate: be brave!
I'm a man of the people
And a man of my word
Chief justice of obstruction
High prophet of reward
Merchant for the apocalypse
And lender of last retort
What more demand can a people
Make out of their word?
Government of the people who suffer not the sick and poor
Justice by the people who hide behind the thrust of swords
Freedom for the people who hawk the spoils of war

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2020 November 3